Hunter S Thompson- The father of Gonzo Journalism preview to in-depth look into his life coming January 15th.


“I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.” – Hunter S. Thompson
Hunter Stockton Thompson American journalist and author but so much more to his readers. He was able to shine a light in the dark of journalism were no one dared look. He understood truth was the only trip worth believing in. I grew up on his brutal honesty and witty humor.

Hunter was a tall man 6’3 in height. He was born July 18 1937 born in Louisville, Kentucky.

(Picture below)Thompson as a young man, left, with his lawyer, Oscar Zeta Acosta


My love of Astrophysics

Imagine for a second you have a brilliant physics hypothesis that you can’t work the math completely out but you know you are still correct. That would be extremely frustrating right? Well welcome to science it is frustrating and takes patience, time and reworking of problems. Sometimes the correct answer is immediately apparent usually not so much. Being a scientist in my opinion is one of the most important if not the most important type of person to be. Depending on the type of science people use to fix problems and or correlate data you have to be able to be patient..very patient but also perhaps and this is just my opinion a bit obsessive because to work a complicated problem you need to work through the parts that are wrong and rule out what is not or can not be. I personally like Physics I always have. And if I had to pick a type of physics that I find most interesting currently is astrophysics. To quote Nasa “People have gazed at the stars, given them names, and observed their changes for thousands of years.” of course we know this. Many people look up at the stars and admire the extreme beauty but never contempt too much past life on other planets or the possibility’s. BUt some take a deeper look into the possibility and data we have and data we need.

Astrophysics really comprises of five groups
◾Physics of the Cosmos
◾Cosmic Origins
◾Exoplanet Exploration
◾Astrophysics Explorer Program
◾Astrophysics Research

These focused programs provide an intellectual framework for advancing science and conducting strategic planning.

I like to read and ramble.

I read Copious amounts as a child it was my favorite distraction to reality. I still love to read I like the smell of books even if they are old and musty I like to think of who has touched the book and read it and if it changed anything in their life especially books that are passed down from ancestors. I almost equally love the smell of a new book and hope it passes into hands that derive meaning from it. I do not like to lend out books It is the one thing I wont lend however if I know someone wants to read something I have I make sure to get them a copy. Since some of our books are very old and first edition I prefer they stay safe and people can always read them at our house I have no objection to a weekend guest who wants to read a rare book here.
Growing up I enjoyed classics as well as books my husband would classify as “crap” I tell him to each their own and he will sometimes agree. My husband is an actual writer and I am not I just blog for various reasons mostly It can be informational. My grammar I admit can be at times “crap” and I have been told my old-fashioned way of writing and talking can be as I was once told” as if I was an old Lady” I use many old words because I love them. I do not understand and I say this in all honesty why people think you can change the meaning of words because you should not and can not this is not to say you can’t create new words with new meanings of course we do in Science often and need to and it helps label and help people understand.
I can sometimes ramble on when I talk or blog or even write letters. I use to write hand written letters very often now we have social media and that has changed the way we write to each other also email,texting on cell phones it has changed the way we get involved in social life but not always for the best I fear.
Back to books I wanted to talk about Dickens because as a child the book Great Exceptions blew my mind and also creeped me out just a tad just enough to make it interesting. Today for the first time I read his book of Christmas tales including the infamous tale of Mr. Scrooge and his life style change due to “seeing the light”. Growing up I was not allowed to read any Christmas books due to the fact It was agenst my Mothers religion so I forgot he even wrote them till recent and I read them and thought all Children should read them or have them read to them not just at Christmas but anytime they want to. It is funny how one small thing like not having any Holidays as a child has made me love Holidays all the more even though I personally do not believe in God I still like the idea of “goodwill toward men and woman”. Some Holidays interest me more than others As it is for most people some really do not interest me at all. I love Halloween and Christmas those are my favorite by far. If I had to pick only one absolute favorite: Halloween.

Charles Dickins was an English writer and social critic mainly. He was considered the greatest writer of the Victorian period. Dickens was forced to leave school to work in a factory when his father was thrown into debtors’ prison. Although he had little formal education, his early impoverishment drove him to succeed. Over his career he edited a weekly journal for 20 years, wrote 15 novels, five novellas and hundreds of short stories and non-fiction articles, lectured and performed extensively, was an indefatigable letter writer, and campaigned vigorously for children’s rights, education, and other social reforms. He was an interesting human being and great writer.
Charles D

I hope you will take the time to read Dickens to your children and when they are old enough give them a copy of their own as old a copy as you can find.


It does not matter. Your do not seem to want to live in an airplane. You seem to like the darkness and yes you shelter from the lightning.
You never take a chance. You never climb the mountains. You prefer the same.
It does not matter what I need. It does not matter if I give you everything because it still leaves me empty.
You knocked on my door and said it will be a new day but it was the same old.

MY Mother said “if you don’t have a bit of danger you have nothing.”
You drew me in. You showed me mental genius but I have to run and fall, I have to cut up my knees. I have to climb up the rocks. I do not have the fear you have for me. Inside I have a feeling I feel so amazingly alive and I can’t knit you a sweater.
Telling me I am not allowed is just a joke. My Momma never let me in the kitchen she hit me. I wont be cooking anytime soon. It seems so sweet but I crave adventure again like it use to be sometimes we have to bleed and sweat. I like to feel the rain. I do what I like to do.
IT is my hair. It is my skin. It is my decision. Let me spell it out for you.


Some of us die happy.

The truth is in the eye of the beholder right? Not always. Delusions may not be truths. What you do and say affects everything. Life is cause and effect. Most humans find it hard to let go of their ego. They think it is enough to just survive. Is it? Do they live? Some people have a passion for life and some just seem to only exist. We breath, we drink water, we raise our Son’s and Daughters, we grow older and one day we rot in the ground.
Life can be pretty filled with happy energy. Life can be disgusting and painful and you take pills to fix it. I prefer the pretty life filled with energy that makes me stronger. Some say blood is thicker. I say this is not always true in fact it usually is not sadly. You must do what is right for you. You can’t change the faults of your family you can only change yourself so let go of your pride and ego and be big enough to learn the difference between you and them.
When I sleep at night, when I do sleep I have many nightmares that are so scattered and tattered. But I am better for them I suppose.

From child to adult YES! NO more.

I have always been the fixer. “Fix it please Amanda.”

“No Problem”
But I learned you can’t fix others life. I can’t tell you how to live.

I am just learning who I truly am at 34 and I can’t save you anymore.

I can fix lots of things but I must start here in my mind.

I can’t Fix you! I can’t fix your everything. I hope you will understand.

I have just found happy and it is not my fault if you can’t fix your own.

I spend a lifetime of fixing. But this is insanity. I have to say no.

I care but I can’t help you anymore. And if you choose to stop loving me then Goodbye it was an experience.


Who’s Century?

When I see my Mother in my face I start to run. I run as fast as I can till I can no longer take a breath. When I see my Father in my Toes I just give up. Why do we want to do anything we can to run from this? Why do I run hun? See.. Amanda.. Run to another planet.

I hate to say it but I prefer to be sleeping. I do not always take the correct path but who does? Do you see your parents in your body? Does it make you bite inside your cheeks till they bleed? Why do people do this?

Some people are akin, some are not so hopeful. 

I banged the piano all night last night till my fingers bled. This is my escape. See Amanda.. run to the doctors for more bandages she fell again. Who did I get the clumsy from?

Who taught me this elitist, low self-esteem contradiction? Was it both? How did I get so sharp and fall so far behind in life?

I smoke in the bathtub, did someone in my ancestry use to? I can’t tell a convincing lie who? See.. Amanda..tell you her secret.






Pot Vs. Drinking

 I do not smoke pot or drink so I think I am perfect to be objective. I find it odd drinking is legal and so many people are killed in drunk driving accidents every week there is no recorded case yet of that circumstance with pot so if you go strictly by statistics I say drinking is far more dangerous and therefore I am confused why pot is illegal and why drinking is legal. I pay a ton to smoke cigarettes  just tax pot the same and up the tax on booze drunks are so much more dangerous. This is not a lifestyle judgment…I could care less but it is a study is statistical analysis and in “upping the economy

Side-note: if I am ever a mother I will tell my child what is more likely to kill them and what I prefer they never do is drink.