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I use to do blog interviews with scientists, artists,celebrity’s. It is time to being that back. Post in the comments who you want to see interviewed. I will also give you an opportunity to ask a question to the person I can add to the interview for you. If you are interested in being interviewed email: Amanda_30ish@hotmail.com  Please title the email Interview on Amanda’s Blog.

I was ten and you were 12 and I understood all to well. You slapped me hard on my face and told me all about your birthday party plans I was not allowed to attend.  The interesting thing was I was not mad not even a bit sad. I just saw your blood on your face, on the walls, on my clothes and as if slow motion I saw you falling backwards.

So they make you eat pills, so many pills. Some of them so big it is hard to swallow.

I woke up feeling all strange and fuzzy. What day is it? Did I miss school?

Mom is next to the bed her eyes are scary red from crying.

She asks” what do you remember?”

I answer” I think it’s the second week of November.”


“Blood on our curtains, why do I see that in my head.”

“Because she’s dead you killed her.”

“how did I kill her?”

“You cut out her heart and put it in her right hand.”

“So why has she not come to visit me yet?”

“She is to scared she’s like a zombie, right now she’s in the hall.”

“Tell her I said’ Happy Birthday.”

What comes naturally?


I am sometimes told I do not blog often enough but since my thoughts are my own unless I want to share them I fail to see the logic.

Some say I am to logical. I promise you I am full of emotions however I am able to not lose focus on staying logical in a matter were that is all that is required. Some things in life require a true sense of neutrality until all facts are presented. Staying neutral is hard for many when I was much younger it was hard for me now to me it comes naturally. It is my path. I want to hear what comes naturally to you? Share in detail.  Please post in the comments.




You can now hire Amanda for conventions, interfaith healthy debates, cult exit discussions and so much more. Amanda takes a kind and excepting approach. She only charges for the transportation and hotel. So take advantage. You can contact her personally or myself her assistant at  Amanda_20ish@hotmail.com one of us will answer you asap. Please title the email “Amanda Pinkham Sanborn Info”

Thank you so much for your time.



I read Copious amounts as a child it was my favorite distraction to reality. I still love to read I like the smell of books even if they are old and musty I like to think of who has touched the book and read it and if it changed anything in their life especially books that are passed down from ancestors. I almost equally love the smell of a new book and hope it passes into hands that derive meaning from it. I do not like to lend out books It is the one thing I wont lend however if I know someone wants to read something I have I make sure to get them a copy. Since some of our books are very old and first edition I prefer they stay safe and people can always read them at our house I have no objection to a weekend guest who wants to read a rare book here.
Growing up I enjoyed classics as well as books my husband would classify as “crap” I tell him to each their own and he will sometimes agree. My husband is an actual writer and I am not I just blog for various reasons mostly It can be informational. My grammar I admit can be at times “crap” and I have been told my old-fashioned way of writing and talking can be as I was once told” as if I was an old Lady” I use many old words because I love them. I do not understand and I say this in all honesty why people think you can change the meaning of words because you should not and can not this is not to say you can’t create new words with new meanings of course we do in Science often and need to and it helps label and help people understand.
I can sometimes ramble on when I talk or blog or even write letters. I use to write hand written letters very often now we have social media and that has changed the way we write to each other also email,texting on cell phones it has changed the way we get involved in social life but not always for the best I fear.
Back to books I wanted to talk about Dickens because as a child the book Great Exceptions blew my mind and also creeped me out just a tad just enough to make it interesting. Today for the first time I read his book of Christmas tales including the infamous tale of Mr. Scrooge and his life style change due to “seeing the light”. Growing up I was not allowed to read any Christmas books due to the fact It was agenst my Mothers religion so I forgot he even wrote them till recent and I read them and thought all Children should read them or have them read to them not just at Christmas but anytime they want to. It is funny how one small thing like not having any Holidays as a child has made me love Holidays all the more even though I personally do not believe in God I still like the idea of “goodwill toward men and woman”. Some Holidays interest me more than others As it is for most people some really do not interest me at all. I love Halloween and Christmas those are my favorite by far. If I had to pick only one absolute favorite: Halloween.

Charles Dickins was an English writer and social critic mainly. He was considered the greatest writer of the Victorian period. Dickens was forced to leave school to work in a factory when his father was thrown into debtors’ prison. Although he had little formal education, his early impoverishment drove him to succeed. Over his career he edited a weekly journal for 20 years, wrote 15 novels, five novellas and hundreds of short stories and non-fiction articles, lectured and performed extensively, was an indefatigable letter writer, and campaigned vigorously for children’s rights, education, and other social reforms. He was an interesting human being and great writer.
Charles D

I hope you will take the time to read Dickens to your children and when they are old enough give them a copy of their own as old a copy as you can find.

I realize I have not blogged in many months and I apologize but from now on I will be blogging as much as you can handle.
First off I have a ton of amazing interviews lined up! Some famous individuals who want to tell their stories. I will be posting one interview a week. I am very excited to be back in the blogger seat.

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