Saying president Trump feels like I’m doing a comedy Act. I think I’m still in that weird shock that many people are in you can’t believe it’s happening but it is. This year I’m going to do my best to not have a panic attack every 3 seconds or every time I hear our current president’s name but I make no guarantees. For good news the show Twin Peaks after 25 years is making new episodes on Showtime starting in May I will post the flyer with the date & time anyone who knows me well knows I am a major Twin Peaks fan started watching it when I was like 12 when it came on. 

Today Trump did the unthinkable part one The Mexico City Policy is an intermittent United States government policy that requires all foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that receive federal funding to refrain from performing or promoting abortion services as a method of family planning with non-U.S. government funds in other countries. He is a Monster.