We live in a world that does not listen.

  • You know the saying goes in one ear comes out the other that’s pretty much how people work. People have a hard time accepting facts and I concede that some facts are hard to believe however that does not stop them from being facts. 

We are too emotionally pampered and taught that we should take time to tend to our emotions in some cases this is very true however when it comes to fact get over it, get over it immediately.Life Is Life facts are facts I hate to say it but if you can’t deal with the reality of life maybe life is not for you. I’m saying in a sense if you don’t learn to toughen up you will be left behind I’m not saying this is fair it is simply life it is social Darwinism if you can’t cope with what is, please stay out of the way of the people who can cope.


2 thoughts on “We live in a world that does not listen.”

  1. i dont really understand your blog [this is a blog, right? ] as it pertains to comments, as in i cant read the other comments. i do like your thought process, your listening right?, it seems to be evolving, or returning to their fundamental maine roots,which i believe are american roots,, which is based on fundimental responsibility for your own behaviour and survival,,, but since we cant round up incompatent people and make dog food , there is responsibility to tend to them, yet we dont hesitate to let them go homeless… any way i do enjoy your thoughts but would love a little spell check. as well as social check,,,,enjoy this winter wonderland,,,,

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